Unique Imperfect Art is all about creating art that is perfect simply because it is imperfect and unique. In life there is always pressure to be perfect and do things a certain way. I fell in love with my art because it does not have to fit some predetermined mold.

I enjoy creating art that is abstract, yet beautiful. I believe that art can provide a great escape from the stresses and worries that we are faced with on a daily basis.

My art creations often remind me of the fact that as we travel through life, we must learn to embrace our differences and know that this is what makes each of us unique.

Just as each person is unique, so are each of my designs. Each creation is unique and designed with love and inspiration in celebration for being imperfectly perfect without fitting into someone else's idea of what perfect should be.

The purpose behind Unique Imperfect Art within my heart is to "create art that brings an awareness of being different, To understand and accept that being different (unique) is a gift to be treasured and celebrated. To help others find beauty and creativity in what matters to them regardless of the view of others." 

Unique Imperfect Art is a celebration of individual creativity and artistry.